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Area Environmental | Damage Restoration

Damage Restoration

The process of responding to a property damage situation quickly to assess the damage, prevent further damage, and return the property to a pre-damage state is known as property restoration. Depending on the situation, this process can go by another name: Water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, or otherwise.

Situations that we are qualified to address include, but are not limited to:

  • Water Damage & Flooding
  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke and Soot Damage
  • Biohazard, Trauma Scene and Vandalism
  • Natural Disaster Damage
It is important to quickly respond to a situation involving water or fire damage so that as much of the property and its contents can be preserved.

The process taken to resovle a damage situation depends on the type of situation, the size of the property, the area damaged, and the length of time the damage has taken place. A custom protocol will be produced following the assessment of the property so that the right measures can be taken for the situation. We will be sure to address all concerns, whether they are immediately noticed or not.

Our technicians will react quickly to:

  • Assess the damage
  • Process a claim with your insurance carrier (if applicable)
  • Extract remaining standing water
  • Begin drying and dehumidification process
  • Preserve furniture, appliances, and other personal contents
  • Remove any permanently damaged building material or contents
  • Deodorize building material and contents
  • Complete a secondary assessment for persistent or resulting damage
  • Perform a mold inspection to determine if mold growth has resulted
  • Conduct mold remediation and apply anti-fungal treatments to any areas affected
  • Perform a complete cleaning on the building structure, floors and any contents
  • Rebuild/restore any areas of the property that had to be removed
To learn about more about our damage restoration services, call us at 1-866-657-3161.