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Area Environmental | Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Information about our professional mold removal and remediation services

The process of eliminating a mold contamination from one or more areas of a property is called mold remediation (also known as mold removal and mold abatement). The goal of the remediation process is to target any mold growth and settled spores within the property that could be affecting the health of building occupants.

The remediation process is accomplished by containing areas of the property where mold is growing. The colonies within these areas of concern are the source of spores that may have traveled into the breathable area or settled into other rooms around the property. Following containment, measures are taken to carefully remove unsalvageable parts of the property, eradicate remaining mold, purify the air around the property, and treat the area to prevent future mold growth. A customized protocol is followed for the property to ensure that all concerns are addressed.

If harmful mold spores have settled into other areas of the property, decontamination is recommended. To read more about this service, visit the Decontamination service page.

Remediation is scheduled through a Project Coordinator who will assign and guide a Remediation Project Manager and necessary technicians to your property. It is recommended that scheduling be completed as soon as you decide to pursue remediation at your property as the schedule can become full. After hours and weekend workdays can be accommodated under certain circumstances, and in accordance with specialist availability. Ask your Project Coordinator for more information.

If your insurance covers remediation work and you require assistance in completing your insurance claim, please contact us.

For more information about our mold remediation service or the process involving your property specifically, call us at 1-866-657-3161.

Protect yourself from mold remediation scams. Visit our Avoid Mold Scams page for more.