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Area Environmental | Property Decontamination

Property Decontamination

Information about our professional property decontamination services

The decontamination process at a property involves the cleansing of interior building surfaces, furniture, appliances and other items to remove any harmful contaminants that may have settled onto the item. This also applies to items that may contain the contaminant within the material itself, either by design or through penetration by the contaminant (an example would be mold that has grown into the wood of a dresser or into a clothing article).

The extent of decontamination recommended is based upon the results of testing conducted on the surfaces around the property to determine where exactly the contaminants in question have spread. These contaminants may have spread by air, through contact with a contaminated item, or by coming into direct contact with the source of the contamination.

It is important that decontamination take place as soon as possible when contaminants are found. Delays in removing these contaminants will pose a continuing health risk to property occupants.

The decontamination process involves the removal of contaminants through certain means, but it also may involve the treatment of the decontamination areas with noncorrosive chemical agents to purify the areas in question. This process is also known as detoxification.

For details about our decontamination services, call 1-866-657-3161.